Wayne says

"Boxing is a good sport that today is well regulated and gives people
wonderful opportunities. And for some youngsters, who are in danger of going
off track, boxing could be their saviour.

Ive seen the benefits boxing can provide for youngsters who might otherwise
have been on the streets. It comes across as an exciting sport. Something that
is different and builds individual character.

Boxing in schools is slowly growing after not being taught officially since 1962.
And I believe that boxing can be one of the most beneficial sporting activities a
youth can experience over the course of his or her young adult lifespan.

It also teaches a growing adult many things about themselves and about others
in a time in their lives when focus, concentration and discipline are of prime

Training for the sport boosts fitness, self esteem and confidence. A kid who's
learning the art of boxing is unlikely to be the kid who carries a knife or any sort
of weapon to defend themselves.

A controlled boxing regimen offers an incredible dynamic work-out with
benefits such as fat loss,muscle gain, functional strength, reflex agility and
improved co-ordination and motivation to strengthen other physical areas.

More has become to be expected of our youth than ever before. Anything
hobby-like in nature is often squeezed between priorities.

Showing a child or teaching an adult boxing doesn't mean throwing them in the
ring for a free-for-all punch up. No Way.

Box clever involves absolutely no contact. It simply uses the skills, methods and
training disciplines designed by myself and used successfully by other
champion boxers.

At the most basic stage, the focus will be on footwork, body movement and
breathing properly. The basics are also brought in at this early stage. Without
the three aforementioned essentials there is a danger of teaching poor
technique as opposed to fostering interest in learning the correct boxing skills.

Whether a student is learning to box for fitness or for sporting competition
there is absolutely no deviation from the application of proper boxing
techniques, poor techniques could lead to injury, as simple as that

Examples of quality form come by way of boxers who more efficiently plant
their feet before punching, creating more power, or perhaps boxers who breath
more efficiently in bursts with their punches conserving energy and stamina.

Learning the basic punches to effectively jab, cross, hook and uppercut will
come quite easily and naturally. But developing a proficiency as to when to
throw these punches and throwing them in combinations, will take a little more