BOX CLEVER All about  Wayne Elcock

My personal experience with boxing comes by way of 22 years in the sport -
amateur for 12 of them winning numerous titles at regional and national level
climbing to No1 in my division in the UK. I then turned professional which I still
am today and have won four titles - English,British, International and a version
of the World title. I was the first born-and-bred Birmingham boxer to do so. At
the peak of my career I was rated No1 in both the UK and Commonwealth
and ranked No7 in the World independent ratings.

I started to get more involved on the other side of the ropes over five years
ago. And today I am a fully qualified boxing coach and boxercise and
personal trainer.

While I was living in London in the early part of my professional career, I got
my first taste of coaching when I was offered the opportunity to train the
professional football team Millwall. I had to help teach them the basics so they
could use boxing training in their pre-season sessions which helped their
fitness levels improve even further.

Around this time I also helped my then manager Frank Maloney train, advise
and guide actor Ricky Gervaise for his up-and-coming celebrity charity
boxing match against Grant Bovey in which Ricky he went onto win.

I was also fortunate to have some of the best conditioners in my team working
with Joe Dunbar who was the main man responsible for keeping former
World heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis in supreme condition including
his diet plans.
Bob Spencer was another valuable member who carried out a wide range of
tests to gauge my fitness levels to ensure I was not overdoing my workload
and risking injury. He did the same job for Chelsea's Premier League

Today I am back in my home city of Birmingham and trained by the city’s
most successful boxing managers & trainers brothers Paddy and Tommy
Lynch who have over 30 years experience behind them.

I arrived at their Birmingham gym after tasting defeat for the first time in my
professional career in 2004. Their guidance and tried and tested successful
training methods helped me resurrect my career and take it to a new
and  higher level with my best success coming under their guidance. They
helped me to become an incredible ninth British Champion to come out of
their gym.

I have also, over the last five years, gone Stateside and done a lot of work
with American trainer Goody Petronelli, the man who masterminded boxing
legend Marvelous Marvin Hagler’s domination of the middleweight division
and also trained Ireland’s World Champion Steve Collins.

I have gained valuable knowledge from working with all these experts
which has helped add so much more to my design and coaching expertise
used in my BOX CLEVER programme when teaching the Noble Art to all